We began our journey in 2018 with passion driven work alongside the Non Profit Organization, National College Resources Foundation's (NCRF) Black College Expo. We had the opportunity to travel across the nation in an effort to inspire students with our life journey. Through these efforts we realized resources and exposure were the two biggest hurdles plaguing students achievment and college matriculation rates.

"It was time for us to make a difference." 

Foundation Clothing Co began as a way to provide support and resources to young people. Tee's 4 Tuition (T4T) was born, a unique campaign that combined our passion to create/design as well as our passion to be the foundation to allow to people to become there best selves regardless of the circumstance.

We started designing merchandise to be sold at NCRF events with 50% of the proceeds going directly to students in the form of scholarships. We have raised tens of thousands of dollars benifiting student's college education. 

Community and paying it forward is at the core of how we operate at Foundation Clothing Co. Thank you to Devin B. Johnson, a good friend of ours who contributed immensely to our campaign. Thank you to everyone who has supported our mission from the jump. We are humbled and inspired! 

With Gratitude,

Foundation Clothing Co.